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Our v-spect team is filled with exceptional expertise on many levels. It consists of experienced entrepreneurs, data-scientists, machine-learning experts, and scientists – including expert clinical researchers. Together, they are working on developing a spectroscopy-based medicinal diagnostic method.

Their research regarding this method focuses on the early diagnoses of diabetes, cancer, and several viruses – with a recent spotlight on SARS-CoV-2. Since June 2020, their research resulted in v-spect: a Covid-19 mass-screening tool based on an algorithm which analyzes spectroscopic patterns of wave frequencies inside cellular structures.

v-spect achieves 100 % sensitivity and 98 % specificity. So far, our data is backed by one study which was conducted in three countries (Brazil, UK, Germany), and has been peer-reviewed. The numbers are derived from a Clinical Evaluation Report from January 2021.

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further materials regarding the method

From bacterial or viral infection diagnosis to cancer detection – the method v-spect is based on promises many valuable applications in the future. From early publications on IR spectroscopy to more recent studies about the coronavirus by highly acclaimed experts in the field, we put together a list of relevant background information.

Are you interested in the scientific background of v-spect? Then check out these scientific papers:

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