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v-spect is the game changer to create virus-free zones: real-time Covid-19 testing introduces the possibility for easy, ultrarapid mass screenings.

v-spect is the game changer to create virus-free zones: real-time Covid-19 testing introduces the possibility for easy, ultrarapid mass screenings.

To protect peoplesʼ health, avoid shutdowns, and keep the economy moving, we currently rely on 4 components: social distancing, masks, testing, and vaccines. We now add a powerful 5th method: a high-tech, real-time mass screening.

Find infections before people are infectious – clearly and safely, within 60 seconds and from day one: v-spect achieves 100% sensitivity, 98% specificity, and overall 99% accuracy in Covid-19 detection.

This means a huge step back to normal for:

  • medical facilities – from hospitals to nursing homes
  • educational institutions – from elementary schools to universities
  • public transportation – from airports to trains and busses
  • vacation trips and travelling
  • workplaces – from offices to production sites
  • trade fairs and exhibitions
  • events – from entertainment and culture to sports
  • religious institutions
  • hotels and restaurants
  • recreational facilities – from amusement parks and zoos to water parks and wellness centers
… and for all of us

This is not a distant vision. It is real and possible today.


deep oral cavity swab


analysis without reagents


smart result communication

your benefits

real-time testing
from sample collection to result in less than 60 seconds possible


high accuracy
sensitivity 100%
specificity 98%
overall accuracy 99%


break infection chains
stay in control due to early detection


linkable to warning apps
valuable contribution to pandemic control strategies


updates included
fast integration of new virus mutations


non-stop testing
system runs 24/7


reliable and proven
backed by decades of research and development


on-location testing
implementation wherever needed


smart communication
result transmission in various ways possible


intuitive usability
due to easy user interface


just a sterile cotton swab
no reagents required

comfortable sample collection
by deep oral cavity swab


plug and play
easy installation of local test stations


environmentally friendly
no reagents, no transports


top price performance
unique cost efficiency


invented by world-renowned scientists

Our v-spect team is filled with exceptional expertise on many levels. It consists of experienced entrepreneurs, data-scientists, machine-learning experts, and scientists – including expert clinical researchers. Together, they developed a spectroscopy-based medicinal diagnostic method. So far, our data is backed by one study which was conducted in three countries (Brazil, UK, Germany), and has been peer-reviewed. The numbers are derived from a Clinical Evaluation Report from January 2021.
Would you like to go deeper, and read the peer-reviewed study?
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